Replacing your wiper blade arms would be a fairly easy task.

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Trico 12-E Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 12" (Pack of 1)

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  • TRICO manufactures approximately 5 million wiper blade arms annually. Designed to meet functional requirements and the styling preferences of car manufacturers TRICO's arms are manufactured with a variety of wiper heads to meet cost and weight targets of our customers.

    Wiper-blade manufacturers include universal hardware with new blades, allowing for different style wiper blade arms to attach and function properly. However, some vehicles will need specific features for the wiper to work.

  • Replacing your wiper blade arms would be a fairly easy task. Depending on your vehicle, it may help to open the hood, to gain access to your wiper arm connections. If you have a car with windshield washer sprayers on the arms, you’ll want to disconnect those before you begin work. Before beginning work, you should also mark the resting position of the wipers (with something that can be easily cleaned up), so that you put them on in the correct position. Then remove any covering over the base of the wiper arm, remove the nut that attaches it, remove the old wiper arm (this will take a balance of muscle and care to pull it off without scratching the windshield or hitting anything else in the area), and finally install the new arm.

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