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  • This handy database provides wheel/rim alignment specifications for all non-commercial Classic Wheel Alignment Specifications sold in North America from 1960 – 2012.

    BMW Wheel Alignment Specs. Wheel alignment on any BMW vehicle requires an understanding of the BMW Kinematic Diagnosis System (KDS), which is...

  • Toyota Camry Wheel Alignment Specifications. ... Car Alignment Specifications. Car wheel alignment is an extremely important part of a vehicle's performance.

    Wheel Alignment Specs. Although many specifications go into the design of an automotive suspension, most of them become permanently set during the...

    as printed in the August 1968 issue of Ford's 'Shop Tips' magazine

    Truck Equipment Installation

    Equipment used for front wheel alignment inspection must be accurate. If portable equipment is used, perform all inspection operations on a level floor.

    In checking wheel alignment of F-100, F-250 and F-350 (4 x 2) trucks, place a 4-inch spacer block between both frame side rails and I-beams (top right). A 3½-inch spacer block is used on F-100 (4 x 4) trucks between the side rails and front wheel drive axle (bottom right).

    1. Drive the vehicle in a straight line to establish the straight-ahead position of the front wheels. Mark the steering column and steering hub with chalk to show the straight ahead position.

    Do not adjust the steering wheel spoke position at this time.

    If the front wheels are turned at any time during the inspection, align the chalk marks to bring the wheels back to the straight ahead position.

    2. Install the wheel alignment equipment on the vehicle. Regardless of equipment used, be sure to follow the installation and inspection instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.

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Fig. Fig. 5: Wheel Alignment Specifications

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