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  • BLADOX is a producer of family of Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapters, for example of Turbo Adapter, Turbo Naked,Turbo Lite. Turbo Motion is a member of this product line.Auto Alarm is an application, one of the possible Turbo Motion usages. Because customers are more interested in the usage itself, we call the cunsomer product just Auto Alarm. Auto Alarm is a package including Turbo Motion, software application Auto Alarm,plastic cover for a specific mobile phone and printed user guide.

    On the application level Turbo Motion is compatible with Turbo SIM Toolkit Adapterbut has simplified connector with only 13 digital I/O (4 of them can be used as ADC inputs) and does not have memory card.

  • The Turbo Motion Booster System, or Booster, is a hardware attachment found in . This experimental motion-boosting system uses mini-repulsors and built-in skates to propel the wearer forward at high speed. The skate function causes you to move faster in all directions with some loss of control, while the boosters give you a constant, forward velocity and high turning speed. Present models do not allow the user to decelerate, but designers are working on the problem.

    Auto Alarm, Turbo Motion is a mobile phone accessory equipped withaccelerometer for acceleration and tilt measurement. It is ideal for vehicle movement detection as Auto Alarm with no installation needed, nor sensors nor electric wires. If used with abandoned mobile phone it is the best price solution for vehiclemovement detection, both for cars and bikes. In the simplest case it isjust enough to hide the mobile phone in the car and if movement is detected warning SMS is sent to one or more phone numbers.

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