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Transmission Time: How Automatic and Manual Transmissions Work

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  • Once the power of the engine is transferred through the torque converter, it goes through a series of other parts in the transmission that work together to get power to the wheels.

    Electricity is generated by utilities and other energy producers at various types of power plants, wind and solar farms. Electricity is “stepped up” or transformed to higher voltages at substations before it enters the network of high-voltage transmission lines. Electricity from the transmission network is reduced to lower voltages at substations, and electric distribution companies then bring the power to homes and businesses.

  • The desire to merge characteristics between manual and automatic transmissions is not new. Dating back to the emergence of automatics during the late 1930s, automakers such as Packard and made attempts to adopt automatic traits to a manual gearbox. Known as semi-automatics, these transmissions orchestrate clutch movements during gear shifts without driver intervention. A Tiptronic transmission works in an opposite style, adopting manual characteristics to an automatic gearbox by allowing the driver to select gears manually, overriding the computer that controls normal shifting and using a torque converter instead of a clutch.

    Electricity is delivered to homes, schools, hospitals, businesses and industries through an integrated system of generating plants, power lines and substations. Transmission lines, which consist of heavy cables strung between tall towers, carry power from where it is generated to areas where it is needed. The transmission network allows the movement of large amounts of power over long distances.

    Introduction to How Manual Transmissions Work

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    Last time we covered some general info about , and also reviewed few motorcycle models. Now let’s see how the automatic transmission works, so we will have better understanding of this sophisticated technology. Also we will provide 2 short reviews on most affordable automatic motorcycles in India. And one detailed review about an automatic bike.

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So, you have a minor leak or a delayed engagement problem in the morning. You add a can of Super Fix and in a day or so you notice the leak is gone and the transmission works much better. In a couple of months though, your transmission begins acting up and in six-months time it fails completely.