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  • All our car parts are tested for quality to meet the industry standards. We offer genuine car parts for our customers at discount price. You should first understand the functioning of all the parts of car to examine the working condition of the components. You can purchase the Toyota catalytic converter from Car Parts Warehouse either by visiting the warehouse or through online. Car Parts Warehouse has made it very simple for the customers to place order for car parts through online. You can just specify the year and model of the car so that you are listed with the number of car parts from our online database. If you are unable to find the parts we will find it for you.

    Your Toyota Corolla catalytic converter is shot, and you have decided its time to bite the bullet and replace it. Catalytic converters are an essential aspect of your vehicles emissions. They are a control device that convert the toxins found in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants, helping to reduce the toxic quality emitted into the air. This is done through catalyzing the oxidation reaction that is necessary to convert the pollutants. You can find a Toyota Corolla catalytic converter for specific years, models, and makes such as Lexus, the luxury divergent brand of Toyota, and find a Lexus catalytic converter. These models as well as universal catalytic converters can be had in the vast inventory available on eBay. Here, you can browse the selection and find the perfect converter for you vehicle. Other brands can be searched as well including a BMW catalytic converter. Do your part to keep air quality as clean as possible, and make sure that your catalytic converter is in working order. With a well functioning converter, you can be a part in maintaining air quality.

  • To protect the environment, the Toyota catalytic converter should be working without any problem. If the Toyota catalytic converter is damaged make sure that you exchange it with a new genuine part. At Car Parts Warehouse you can purchase OEM replacement and aftermarket parts at wholesale price. We are happy when the customers are happy. We give free shipping facility for every order above US $50. We ensure that the car parts reach the customers safely and quickly.

    The Toyota catalytic converter uses two different types of catalysts, a reduction catalyst and an oxidization catalyst. Both types of the catalyst consist of a ceramic structure coated with a metal catalyst, usually platinum, rhodium and/or palladium. You can find the catalytic converter of Toyota in many models – ceramic honey comb, metal plate and ceramic beads. The honey comb model is widely used in cars. The main role of the Toyota catalytic converter is to reduce the emission from the exhaust pipe.

    Toyota Catalytic Converter Replacement

  • Our experience is that the Toyota catalytic converters are clearly and significantly superior to the aftermarket catalytic converters.

    They clean up the emissions much more aggressively right out of the box, and they typically last from five to ten times as long.

    The brand new aftermarket cats we've had occasion to test have passed the emissions test by the thinnest of margins, where a Toyota catalytic converter would have easily passed with room to spare.

    The Toyota cats run much cleaner on sudden accelerations as well. We've tested the emissions of Toyotas with brand new Toyota catalytic converters on repeated back-to-back snap accelerations (which lends itself to creating maximum emissions) and the result has been that we see a high of only 50 or 60 parts per million of unburned hydrocarbons (HC). Doing the same test on brand new aftermarket cats has resulted in hydrocarbon readings as high as 1700 to 2000 parts per million.

    Toyota cars are well-known for its performance and the quality. If all the components in your Toyota works perfectly, you can enjoy a comfortable driving. In your vehicle, Toyota Catalytic Converter is a contributing part which needs to be maintained perfectly. If you find any difference in the working of the Toyota Catalytic Converter you need to get the good quality replacement part. You should maintain your vehicle in a perfect working condition to have a smooth drive. Nothing can be done if, the Toyota Catalytic Converter does not work during the drive. You can avoid this problem by having a regular check on the working of the Toyota Catalytic Converter. When you find any defect in the functioning of the Toyota Catalytic Converter, you need to replace it as early as possible to get the best out of it.

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