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  • This Standard Car Dolly Engine Attachment is designed to work with our Standard Car Dolly lineup. When attached to a or Car Dolly, this attachment allows a single person to easily move an engine or engine/transmission combo in any direction with precision. Help free up storage space in your garage and shop or make that engine swap a lot easier with this attachment!

    This is an accessory to the dollies and you must have the appropriate dollies in order to utilize it. The dollies are sold separately and are NOT included.


    Many people wonder if NASCAR horsepower levels can be so high without the use of superchargers, turbochargers and other commonly used performance devices. These engines routinely rate at 750 horsepower or better, which is far and away higher than most street cars. Interestingly enough, however, the similarities between a standard street car engine and a NASCAR racing engine are many and oftentimes quite striking. Read on for a brief comparison of the two to show how NASCAR engines routinely get a much higher horsepower than most standard street engines.

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