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A 101 On Shock Absorbers And Struts

1303 - SENSEN Shocks Struts, Full Set, 4 Pieces, Lifetime Warranty

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  • Manufacturers of replacement parts also profit from selling these components. Advertising misleads a great many folks into needlessly replacing shock absorbers and McPherson struts. Unfortunately, the original shocks and struts they replace are often better than the replacements being installed.

    Shops that recommend parts, just to make a profit, are a small part of auto repair trade. An example is "Shockulla," a person in business just to sell things. Selling shock absorbers and struts is easy and profitable. This is why Shockulla pushes them.

  • Vehicle makers use high quality shock absorbers and McPherson struts on their vehicles. Original parts often last more than 100,000 miles. The products "Shockulla" sells are usually selected to optimize the profit margin, rather than the client's vehicle.

    Selling shock absorbers and McPherson struts requires very little training. Replacing these components is easy and requires little specialized equipment. This makes the sale of shock absorbers and McPherson struts profitable as an add-on sale. A set of struts or shock absorbers will handsomely increase the bottom line.

  • Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorbers and Struts are the ideal choice for absolute mastery of the road surface. These Bilstein shocks and struts increase durability and performance while maintaining ride comfort.

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Shock absorbers and McPherson struts are often recommended for replacement. The reasons sometime have more to do with profit margins in the shop than actual need of the client.