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  • Furniture from scrap auto parts that are otherwise left to rot once their life cycle is over isn’t anything new. We have already seen scores of such examples in the past where auto enthusiasts have not only given new form ...

    Sculpture created using scrap auto parts isn’t something new. The imagination of the artists, however, is. They successfully create new sculptures every time to mesmerize us. This time the collection of amazing sculptures come from the Israel based artist Nirit ...

  • So far we have seen various examples of scrap auto parts being converted into something meaningful – be it art, furniture, transformers or many other things that fit in our day-to-day life. However, what we are introducing you here doesn’t ...

    We usually come across some unique creations created out of scrap auto parts. There are a few, however, that remain in your mind for a long time and something you really appreciate from the core of your heart. Introducing you ...

  • Cabinet made from scrap Mazda parts, BMW boxer engine table as well as a Ronen Tinman’s series of furniture made from scrap auto parts, we have seen them all. They are as impressive as any other piece of furniture and ...

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Helsinki-based sculptor, Miina Akkijyrk, created these awesome pieces from scrap auto parts, wich are something more than art and shows the creators love for cows.