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Rusty brake discs

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  • Rusty brake disc retaining screws are a common problem for those changing their brakes themselves. Normally you have the strain of undoing the brake caliper bolts. They are usually rusted in and seized (use a breaker bar to undo these, you’ll need the extra leverage). But often the small retaining screw on the brake disc itself can be a right pain in the proverbial to shift. In the picture below you can see the state of the retaining screw i had to remove.

    Does anyone else have brake discs that rust very quickly after being used in the rain or after washing??? Mine seem to have rusted up 24 hrs after washing the cars. Tried a search on rusty brake discs & only came up with:

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    Rusty Rear Brake Discs

    Why is it that the rear discs on these cars seem to go so rusty. I am on my second set of discs and pads - changed at about 80k. There was very little wear on the discs and pads at that time, but they looked terrible.

    Now at 110k and they are looking pretty ugly again - it is like the pads don't make even pressure across the width of the disc so the rust does not get cleaned off. In fact it looks like the breaking is all being done at the smallest diameter.

    My wifes car is a Passat and all the discs look nice and clean across the full width.

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