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VHT SP229 Rust Convertor Can - 10.25 oz.

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  • Can anyone tell me what is the best rust treatment product to use on my Javelin. And please don't tell me to cut it out and replace it. I know that this would be the best, but that is not possible right now. It seems that every one has a "new" rust teatment product now. They can be confusing.

    "Rust Bullet", rust treatment, rust inhibitive coating and its patented new technology beats POR 15, Rustoleum and other market leading rust paint in independent laboratory testing. Our rust treatment paint products are industrial grade coatings and are guaranteed to stop rust and provide effective rust prevention and protection for 10 years

    All "Rust Bullet" products can be purchased at this online shop so order the best rust paint today!

    We also now offer a water based rust converter and steel primer called "RustFormulaX" for applications where a low voc rust treatment is required.

  • CRP Automotive, a leading source of OE-quality replacement parts for Asian and European applications, offers a line of FERTAN rust treatment products for a wide range of service, repair, and restoration needs. The FERTAN line is ideal for rust removal and rust prevention applications in the auto body, HD truck, AG equipment, marine, and custom/collector markets. The rust treatment line includes FERTAN Rust Converter, FERTAN Rust Remover, FERTAN Multi-Metal Coating, and FERTAN Epoxy Primer.





    The following rust treatment products have been tested or are in the process of being tested for their effectiveness on various applications. Click on the link for a rust treatment product review and for more information.

    Look for "Rusty' s Picks" to see ratings on the Best to the Worst products!


    POR 15 - Gas Tank Sealer


     RUST BULLET - Rust Inhibitor Coating


    Hippo - Truck bedliner    Great for the undercarriage!



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