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Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

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    When the TARDIS became powerless to travel through time, the Doctor went to so that the TARDIS could refuel via a scar in the that was closed by Gwyneth. Whilst in Cardiff, the Doctor and his two companions, joined by Mickey, captured , the sole Slitheen survivor of the attack on Downing Street and had become Lord Mayor. Though Blon tried fleeing, the Doctor reversed her teleportation device several times until she gave up and took her prisoner aboard the TARDIS until he could return her to to face execution after her family had already been sentenced to death in their absence. The Doctor confiscated her to use as a "power-booster". Meanwhile, Mickey offered Rose a hotel room. He later claimed to be seeing ; Rose felt he was lying about the woman he was supposedly with, while Mickey claimed to keep running for Rose every time she contacted him. While trying to reconcile, Rose ran for the TARDIS when earthquakes started hitting Cardiff; Blon tried to tear the TARDIS and the Earth apart by making the extrapolator lock onto an alien power source that was refuelling on the rift, using the extrapolator as an interstellar surfboard to escape the Earth. After Blon looked into the and was regressed back into an egg, Rose left Mickey behind to start a new relationship with someone else. She no longer felt attracted to him and believed he deserved someone better; Rose only saw Mickey as a close friend because of her time with the Doctor. Realising Blon had a "second chance" in life, the Doctor decided to drop her off in the hatchery on her homeworld. (: )

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    Rose and Time
    Developer(s) Sophie Houlden
    Platform(s) iOS, Android, Ouya
    Release date(s) April, 2012
    Genre(s) Puzzle, platformer

  • Operating SystemSoftwareHardware
    Linux, Solaris Solaris 7, 8, 9 & 10

    Red Hat Linux 8, 9

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, 4

    SuSE Linux 9
    Minimum workstation: UltraSparc 10 with 1G of RAM

    Recommend workstation: UltraSparc 60 with 600 MB of RAM
    Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP Windows 2000 Professional SP4

    Windows XP Professional SP2

    Windows 2000 and 2003 Server and Advance Server, SP3 and SP4

    Windows Vista


    • Borland JBuilder versions 7.0 through 10.0

    • Sun Forte for Java Community and Enterprise Editions 3.0

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 6

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2003

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

    • Wind River Tornado

    • Green Hill MULTI
    Minimum RAM: 128MB

    Recommended RAM: 256MB

    Minimum 552MB disk space recommended for Rose RealTime installation

    Minimum display: 1024 X 768

    Recommended display: 1280 X 1024

    Postscript printer

    For Rational Software Architect RealTime Edition installation:

    RAM: 1G minimum and 2GB recommended
    Disk Space: 3GB minimum, 6GB recommended

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