6848 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Rebuilt STOCK Turbo

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GooDeal Turbo Charger Repair Rebuild Rebuilt kit T2 T28 Turbocharger

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  • If you feel uncomfortable rebuilding your turbo and do not want to spend the money for a new one, try one of our rebuilds. Accurately rebuilt and warranted, these rebuilt units are ready to go to give your Porsche the boost it needs. Specify year and model when ordering. This part requires a core charge refundable with the return of a rebuildable core.

    is an authorized Distributor of BorgWarner Turbochargers and only sells aftermarket replacement turbochargers. Diamond Diesel & Turbo from time to time picks up BorgWarner Turbos from companys going out of business, get deals from BorgWarner, or just plain ends up with excess BorgWarner Turbo’s. The intent of this site is to try and match these turbochargers with the end user with the same turbo and give them a deal. All Turbochargers listed on this site are genuine BorgWarner Turbochargers. We do not sell BorgWarner knockoffs. If there is a rebuilt Turbocharger listed on this site, it is also a genuine BorgWarner Turbocharger rebuilt with Genuine BorgWarner Parts and carries the same warranty as a brand new turbocharger. Diamond Diesel & Turbo does not list every turbo we stock on this site. If you need a turbocharger that is not listed here, send us a email and we will try to source the turbo you need. Diamond Diesel & Turbo also rebuilds turbochargers and stocks many of the common cartridges.

  • How to rebuild your Turbo DIY. Save money by rebuilding your own turbo. Simple easy steps

    VW Golf Jetta TDI Turbo Rebuild

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    Porsches are made to be driven, and often, Porsche turbos are driven the hardest of all. With the performance capabilities of the 930, the factory turbocharger often takes the brunt of the abuse. If your turbocharger has seen better days, our rebuild factory turbos are the perfect replacement. All include full teardown, clean-up, new bearings and fresh internals performed by professionals. Simply unbolt your old turbo and bolt on the replacement. The core charge is $300.00, refundable upon the return of your rebuildable turbocharger.

    930 1975-77

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  • Ford and Navistar too!  Now you have a choice

    • NEW - Exchange 7.3 L Powerstroke Injectors from Alliant Power

    • REBUILT - 6.4 L, 6.0 L and 7.3L Powerstroke Injectors from Oregon Fuel Injection

    Ford Powerstroke Injectors

    Navistar International DT466E and I530E



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    At Cheetah Turbo, experienced technicians clean and rebuild turbochargers within 1-2 days of receipt and immediately ship them back to you. Our rebuilding charges will not exceed our final estimate.

    Alternatively, Cheetah Turbo has stocked units and center sections
    available for immediate shipping. Please call for availability.

    At Cheetah Turbo, we are committed to providing the highest quality technical
    services at the fairest price with superior customer service.

    -FREE complete inspection of shaft and housing (for wear and cracks),
    bearings, seals and rings (for wear and clearances)
    -FREE estimate for rebuilding
    -Cleaning all components using a combination of media blasting and ultrasonic cleaning
    -Machining housing and shafts to specifications
    -Balancing all rotating parts
    -Replace all bearings, seals and rings

    At Cheetah Turbo, we will customize your turbocharger with an upgrade suited to you. We spend time with each customer determining your specific needs, and create a product which optimizes performance. Please call or to consult with our technicians and for pricing.

    Contact us at or for detailed information and to place orders.

Rebuilt Turbo Pair, 500 HP Stage 1 - Nissan 300ZX 90-96 Twin Turbo

Rebuilt Stock Turbo for the 1999.5-2003 Ford Powerstroke Diesels.
New seals, bearings, balanced assembly
Low Restriction Exhaust Outlet Available (gutted EBV)
High Performance Compressor Wheel Installed
1 Year Warranty
Pedestal O-rings are included
Rebuilt by High Tech Turbo.