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Mobil 1 M1-108 Extended Performance Oil Filter

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  • Mobil 1 oil filters are fairly expensive, but their fully synthetic fiber elements do a much better job filtering small contaminants than the conventional paper elements found in cheaper filters. Despite their excellent filtering capability, these filters still flow well.

    The Mobil 1 oil filters are manufactured by Champion Labs and can be purchased at many retail locations. They are virtually identical to the K&N oil filters which feature a welded nut at the end for easier installation and removal, but the K&Ns are harder to find at retail locations. However, if you can find a good deal on them online, the K&Noil filters are equally recommended.

    Pictured is the Mobil Extended Performance Oil Filter #M1-102.

    Originally developed for demanding race applications, the premium performance oil filter is rapidly becoming a favourite among consumers for its durability and easy removal. The K&N technicians insisted they offer an oil filter that corrected the "headaches" they experienced over the years changing oil filters.

  • The Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter outperforms conventional filters by 2.5 to 1 in hydrostatic testing, and by 3 to 1 in cyclic pressure impulse testing. Reduces resistance to oil flow while improving filter efficiency. Easier removal of the filter at the end of its useful life (less straining with the oil filter wrench) based on use of a special gasket that requires less torque at installation. The Mobil 1 Oil Filter is available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate a broad range of consumer automobiles and light trucks. For moreinformation and FAQ's about Mobil 1 Oil Filters, .

    Race Designed. K&N originally developed the Performance Gold Oil Filters for demands of race applications, using thicker canister walls for extra strength and durability which reduces the risk of damage from loose rocks and road debris.

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    Application. This K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter is specially designed for use on the 2011 to 2014 GT and V6 Mustangs equipped with the 4 valve Coyote 5.0 and 3.7 engines.

K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter - Chaparral Motorsports

Today’s motorcycles require a high performance oil filter, with a high oil flow capacity, in order to withstand high heat and pressures. Vesrah oil filters meet or exceed these requirements.