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Will eBay's tools support the new parts compatibility listings?

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  • The parts compatibility listing capabilities have exceeded Rodriguez's expectations. "After incorporating eBay Motors' fitment compatibility in our listings, we saw a 40 percent increase in sales literally overnight," said Rodriguez. Since this initial jump, sales have constantly increased. Rodriguez said, "We should have done this a long time ago."

    The process to begin integrating parts compatibility was time intensive, requiring Rodriguez and his staff to define compatible vehicles contained in more than 10,000 live listings using the standardized eBay vehicle list. He then used Turbo Lister to upload all fitment listings on his business's primary account, as well as sister account – southwestautobodyhouston. Even though the initial process took a little extra time, Rodriguez is confident it was well worth the investment after experiencing such a quick return.

  • The effectiveness of parts compatibility is proving to be very beneficial and well worth the few extra minutes in listing for Southwest Auto Body. Rodriguez now refuses to list items without compatibility.

    When asked about the launch of parts compatibility on eBay Motors, Rick Green of 1A Auto simply states, "This is something every online automotive business or seller wants and should be using."As an eBay user since May of 1999 and a seller on eBay Motors since its origin, Green understands that the full capabilities of using fitment haven't been completely explored by sellers and buyers alike – but still feels it's a great tool for businesses.

  • Note: Parts Compatibility is supported in select categories for eBay Motors (site ID 100, global ID EBAY-MOTOR) and eBay Germany (site ID 77, global ID EBAY-DE) in the Sandbox and Production environments. Parts Compatibility is enabled by category. Use GetCategoryFeatures (use FeatureID values: CompatibilityEnabled, MinCompatibleApplications, MaxCompatibleApplications) to retrieve information about categories that support parts compatibility.

    "1A Auto has seen an uptick in its 'Best Matches' and we're noting higher sales – which we attribute to using the parts compatibility listings."

See for information about confirming your parts compatibilities.

Maximize exposure in search results. Listing with parts compatibility helps get your relevant items in front of buyers via search. Since the compatibility information on your listing and your title, as well as other product identifiers like brand and manufacturer part number, are all used to match the buyer's search, you can now use all 80 characters in your title for popular search elements and other critical information. That means you'll show up in more—and more relevant—buyer searches.