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When installing Nissan Versa clutch kit, we recommend replacing or resurfacing your Nissan Versa flywheel.

Nissan Maxima (08-14) Murano (09-14) Pathfinder (13-15) Quest (11-15) 3.5L A/C AC COMPRESSOR CLUTCH KIT

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  • The AC clutch engages the compressor pulley when the current flows through a magnetic coil and disengages when you turn off your car AC system. The condition of your Nissan car AC system should be checked at regular intervals. If you find out any problem in your Nissan AC clutch, you need to replace it immediately. If you replace it with a new part, you can enjoy the usual cooling effect. You are at the right place to find genuine quality Nissan AC clutch. Car Parts Warehouse is the best platform to get the Nissan AC clutch. All the car parts are tested for the quality to meet the industry standards. We provide OEM replacement and aftermarket parts at wholesale prices.

    The main role of car AC system is to absorb the hot air inside the car and provide with a cool fresh air. Your Nissan car air conditioning system involves the working of many components like compressor, condenser, expansion valve, clutch etc. All these parts work together and support your car AC system. The Nissan AC clutch plays a vital role in the car AC system. The AC compressor has an electro magnetic clutch. The Nissan AC clutch helps to run the compressor effectively. The main responsibility of Nissan AC clutch is to engage and disengage the compressor pulley.

  • We offer a wide selection of genuine Nissan Clutch Fork, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. You can limit the results to the actual Clutch Fork that fits your vehicle.

    We never sell any poor quality parts to our valuable customers. We have warehouses all over the country. So, if you want to get the Nissan AC clutch, you can easily find our warehouse nearest to your place. You can also use our online store to purchase the Nissan AC clutch. You need not to waste your time and energy in search for genuine quality Nissan AC clutch. From being at your home, you can purchase the Nissan AC clutch from our warehouse through online. For that, you need to select three options in our website. On selecting the year, make and model of your car, you can view the list of car parts from our online catalog. From that you can choose the Nissan AC clutch and order for it.

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    We punished the clutch with a few laps around the Streets of Willow road course at 23 psi of boost, punishment perhaps worse than multiple dragstrip passes. The clutch held well; it never hinted of slipping.

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We also recommend changing your Nissan Versaclutch master cylinder and Nissan Versaslave cylinder when doing a clutch job. All our Nissan Versaclutch master cylinders and Nissan Versaslave cylinders meet or exceed OEM spec. Shipping on Nissan Versaclutch master cylinder and Nissan Versaslave cylinder is FREE via UPS Ground.