Why do my new wiper blades squeak.?

How to Stop New Wiper Blades From Squeaking | eHow UK

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Squeaky windshield wipers? Easy Peasy fix - YouTube

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    How to Stop New Wiper Blades From Squeaking. New wiper blades keep a vehicle windshield clean, but the rubber compound can sometimes cause a hair-raising …

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    new wiper blades are squeaking loudly

    I bought my 2002 S40 about a month ago, and the windshield was brand new as it had been smashed by vandalism just before I picked it up, so the dealer put in a new windshield. The wipers were loud so I bought brand new premium wipers - Rain-X Latitude, which is supposed to be good for snow and ice, which I need. But I've had the wipers on for a week now and they're driving me nuts, they're so loud and squeaky. It's been rainy a lot this week so I've had a good amount of time listening to them working. Every now and then they are silent for a little bit, then all of a sudden they are super loud again - not even the radio drowns them out. I think it sounds like it's actually just the driver's side that is squeaking.

    Otherwise they are working great, and they seem to be making perfect contact with the windshield. I'm wondering, is there any known issue with this car having a squeaky driver's side arm? I noticed the base of the arm is designed to literally touch the hood of the car. I suppose I could just have a bad blade, but the reason I got rid of the blades that came with the car is because they were squeaking. Now the new ones are too. Anybody have any input on this?

  • How to Stop New Wiper Blades From Squeaking Car
    1. Check the installation of new blades to be sure each is seated all way inside channels on both edges wiper. A loose blade can rake and skip ...

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