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1A Auto makes Ignition Coils easy to understand in this guide. Ignition coil types and failure symptoms & causes are discussed.

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  • If the surface burners of a range are a spark ignition type, the oven one of the possible kinds of electronic ignition systems and thus will not usually have a "pilot" which needs lighting. Be aware though that just because the surface burners might light via a spark doesn't necessarily mean the oven uses the spark type ignition system too.

    There are two common ignition types associated with classic bikes: contact points and fully electronic. For many years, the contact point ignition was the favored system to control the timing of the ignition spark. However, as electronics in general became more reliable and less costly to produce, manufacturers turned to full electronic systems—cutting out the mechanical contact points.

  • The last few decades have seen great improvements in ignition technology. As a consequence, various new ignition coil types have been developed.

    3. Ignition blocks
    Ignition blocks contain several ignition coils, which are connected by H.T. cables to each plug each. This ignition coil type is available with single or dual spark technology. In single-spark ignition blocks, each ignition cable supplies the high voltage pulse to one cylinder. In dual-spark blocks, the high voltage pulse is fed simultaneously to two cylinders, one that is on the power stroke the other being on the exhaust stroke and thus has a “wasted spark”.

  • 4. Pencil or coil on plug ignition coils
    This ignition coil type is mounted directly on top of the spark plug. The high voltage pulse is fed straight to the spark plug, minimising power loss. As pencil ignition coils are mounted in the spark plug tunnel, they do not take up space in the engine compartment. Pencil ignition coils are used in vehicles with electronic ignition systems and are available as single-spark or dual-spark coils.

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