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Hyundai Tiburon Catback Exhaust System 4" Dual Path Burn Tip Muffler - GT SE V6

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    Hyundai is renowned for delivering well-designed and efficient machines which look as great as they perform. Characterized by nice styling, a Hyundai really delivers a zippy acceleration in addition to its well-known precision manufacture. Hyundai is an established creator of mid-level autos that combine affordability with a comfortable ride feel. Hyundai is a trusted manufacturer of wallet-friendly and gas conserving vehicles that also boast compact design. Hyundai engineering always comes through, with vehicle designs that merge great mileage alongside the pleasures of zippy performance. The sporty looks and fuel efficient technology of a Hyundai provides eye-catching function and effortless maneuvering for entry-level drivers. Your remarkable Hyundai is perhaps quite small, but it has tons of motoring pep. Support your Hyundai's critical components by purchasing the most outstanding top-notch parts. High-tech Hyundai Exhaust Systems augment an automobile's power by reducing back pressure and augmenting the engine's efficiency. The important function of the Hyundai Exhaust System is to direct dangerous gases from your vehicle into the air. Your automobile's Hyundai Exhaust System expels exhaust produced by the operation of the engine through several metal tubes until it exits the vehicle through the tail pipe. A Hyundai Exhaust System working at its best gives more power utilization, engine power and improved execution. Every automobile will need replacement parts now and then, so when it's time for maintenance or repair PartsGeek is the place to go to find what you need.

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    All our custom exhausts are free-flowing so there are minimal restrictions within our exhaust silencers. Your standard Hyundai exhaust system will have restrictions within the exhaust boxes known as baffles & chambers. One of the aims of this type of exhaust box is to reduce the sound level with intersections & sound absorption material. This gives a negative effect on the travelling direction speed of the gases, causing them to slow down & delaying the process hence the performance gain with our free-flow exhaust.

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