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OEM Honda Wheels for sale at affordable prices

Plasticolor 006492R01 Sport Grip 'Honda' Steering Wheel Cover

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  • The Honda Wheels / Rims / Covers are available as used and aftermarket parts, where you will pay less, for the same sleek look and feel for your Honda car, truck or SUV.

    Our search by vehicle feature will help you find Honda wheels and tires packages for your specific model year. You can also choose from our bestselling wheels and tires that fit your Honda for any year you select. Save money when you buy a complete wheel and tire package that includes free shipping, mounting, balancing and install kit.

  • Genuine Honda wheel locks for Honda Civic. Replaces one lug nut on each wheel. Special key configuration on top of locks deters theft. Includes 4 locks and 1 key.

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