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Do these lights have any warranty? Yes! We warranty all our Digital HID Kits by a 1 year warranty.

Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit "All Bulb Sizes and Colors" with Premium Ballasts - 9006 (HB4) - 6000k - 2 Year Warranty

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  • Simple Installation: Every HID kit is completely "plug and play." Just plug it into the existing harness and see the difference immediately.
    Enhances Appeal: These HIDs give off a much more attractive, natural looking light and even come in a variety of colors.
    Vehicle Value Increases: More people will notice your ride because of the hot new lights it has.
    Less Power Usage: Uses three times less power use than traditional halogen bulbs, while giving off more light.
    Ultra Long Lasting: HID bulbs are made to last over 2500 hours, or 6 to 7 years! That equals better looks and zero cost for years to come.
    Much More Visible: Other motorists will notice your ride sooner and pedestrians will be more visible, improving everyone's safety.
    High Performance and Quality: Shockproof, durable and made to last, HID kits will outlast, outshine and outperform any stock halogen bulbs on the market without breaking a sweat.

    Longevity is another advantage that HID headlights possess over halogen lights. Not only do the HID bulbs emit light that is three times brighter and consume less energy, they can last up to ten times longer. When you take energy efficiency and impressive lifespan into account, the HID conversion kits available through us make them the best value around.

  • HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. They are also known as Xenon headlights. When you upgrade your stock headlights to the HID headlights, you are able to improve your night time driving experience. HID kits emit a light that shines farther than the stock bulbs, HID headlights are three times brighter than the halogen bulbs. By installing these HID lights, they effectively broaden your peripheral coverage by as much as 70%, giving you added reaction time to notice and avert potential hazardous road conditions.

    These HID kits are available in sizes to fit nearly every car, including popular 9006, 9007, H4 and H11 varieties as well as many more. Inexpensive budget kits will usually feature analog ballasts, whereas higher-end kits will include longer-lasting digital ballasts. Most HID kits available these days utilize DC ballasts, which are longer lasting and more reliable than AC ballasts, and many feature slim designs to cut down on space requirements under the hood. Our HID conversion kits will allow you to quickly and easily transform your traditional halogen headlamps into high-intensity discharge headlamps. Remember, these kits are designed for off-road use only; make sure to check all state and federal regulations before installing HID headlights in your vehicle.

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    HID conversion kits are a great way to increase your visibility and add a stylish look to your car. HID, or high intensity discharge headlights are an increasingly popular aftermarket add-on for off-road or show vehicles as they are available in a wide variety of colors and levels of brightness. The color of an HID headlight is indicated by the color temperature, rated in Kelvin (K). Bulbs with a temperature around 4300K-5000K are considered a “natural” or “warm” white, and will offer the most output of any color. As the rating in K gets higher, the bulbs will progressively become a darker and darker blue, with the light output decreasing as a result. Bulbs around 10000K-12000K are considered Deep Blue or Violet.

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Increasing light output with an HID kit can provide earlier and better detection of potential hazards while driving. It will also enable the driver to react quickly to road markings, traffic signs, and most importantly - pedestrians. XenonDepot HID Kits use high quality Xenon bulbs, which produce 2-3 times more light than halogen bulbs, while only using half the power (35 Watts). As a result, you can maximize the amount of light out of your headlights while making your car more efficient to operate. Aside from increased light output, the actual color of light is more similar to daylight, which makes it easier to concentrate during night-time driving. XenonDepot HID kits use high quality bulbs and ballasts which have been designed to exacting standards to perfectly replace the application that you are upgrading. HID kits are grouped into "bulb families" as unlike halogen bulbs, one HID kit can replace several different types of halogen bulbs. If you know what type of HID kit you need, simply select it from the options below. If you're not sure what type of bulb to order, use our "Shop By Vehicle" tool to determine what type of kit you need to order for your vehicle.