Driver Side Headlight Housing for all 1971, 1972 and 1973 Mustangs.


Driver and Passenger Headlights Headlamps with Black Bezels Replacement for Chevrolet GMC Isuzu Pickup Truck 20766569 20766570

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    Fixing up a 1971-1973 Mustang means you're going to encounter plenty of rust and other issues. So if you've noticed the headlight housing on the passenger side of your Mustang is rusty, damaged or missing, then you should replace it with this quality Driver Side Headlight Housing!

  • This is the same headlight housing the comes standard in all '33 Hot Rod kits. The housing is chrome and fits a 7" round headlight. There are also custom aiming tab locations. This item is sold individually and not as a pair.

    This Driver Side Headlight Housing is a direct fit replacement that's in the original-style metal housing. It'll attach to your driver side fender extension, and it's used with the trim ring to hold and adjust your driver side headlight. Sold individually, your Mustang will require two of these housings if you want to do the driver side and passenger side.

      Corvette Headlight Housing, Right, 1964-1967 -
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      Corvette Headlight Housing, Left, 1964-1967 -
    $249.99 ea.

    Halogen and HID versions of projector headlights both exist in the wild, depending on the vehicle. This style of headlamp has a metal shield in front of the headlight bulb that actually helps focus the light in a specific direction with the help of a special lens inside the headlight housing. The metal light shield actually moves down to allow the full light from the bulb when the high beam switch is activated. As you can imagine, these lights are high end, and their price reflects it. Also, with additional moving parts, there is more opportunity for things to go wrong.

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