Foglamp range by Valeo, securtity is not an extra

Your foglamps should now activate with your headlamps in autolamp mode

iJDMTOY Complete Set Fog Lights Foglamps w/ Xenon White 5202 High Power LED Bulbs For 2010-2013 Chevy Camaro LS LT (For Camaro w/ Halogen Headlamps Trims Only)

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  • For example: to convert your foglamps to psuedo-DRL's you can splice the #5wire to the #7 wire to have the fogs turn on whenever you rotate the headlampswitch to the auto position (filing the switch isn't necessary for this one). Orto make the fogs always turn on with the parking lamps, you can splice the #5wire to the #12 wire (no filing for this one either). If you want to make yourown variant, I would study the data I gathered to see how you might go aboutgetting the exact behavior you want.

    In addition to working with the autolamps, you should now be able to activateyour foglamps with just your parking lights. Make sure to test everything BEFOREpopping the switch console back into the dash... much easier this way in case somethingis/goes wrong.

  • Foglamps are most of the time integrated in vehicles' bumpers. They produce a wide beam that has a short range around 25 meters to avoid any dazzling risk due to diffraction phenomenon caused by drops in suspension.
    As an O.E. supplier, Valeo has paid great attention to details providing innovative solutions like patented ventilation systems to limit condensation, especially under serious weather conditions, high resistance lenses and design flexibility.
    Valeo has also developed combined solutions by including an additional reflecting surface around the foglamp bezel that provides a cornering system or Fixed Bending Light (FBL) system: foglamps are turned on while the driver turns the steering wheel to in curves.

    NOTE: Canadian owners' trucks will work differently at this point. Instead of the foglight only turning on with the autolamps when the switch is in the appropriate position, the foglamps will light whenever the ignition is on. This is due to the added DRL (Daytime Running Lights) feature, which is apparently mandatory in Canada. This is probably fixable, but requires the electrical splice described below, AND cutting the #2 wire away from the switch connector. Read on...

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    Your foglamps should now activate with your headlamps in autolamp mode. Reassemble everything, turn the headlamp switch to autolamp, pull out on the headlamp switch, and turn the ignition to 'on'. You can now fool the autolamp sensor (underneath the plastic 'grille' in the middle of the dashboard) to activate by covering it and deactivate it by shining a flashlight into it.

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