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EZ-Flow Fiberglass Air Filter:

Flanders PrecisionAire 10155.011212 12 by 12 by 1 Flat Panel EZ Air Filter, 12-Pack

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  • Fiberglass air filters are not designed to last very long and therefore are not very sturdy. They do however often come with which help provide them with a bit more rigidity.

    Although pleated air filters tend to be more expensive than fiberglass air filters, the total cost difference when the filter’s usable life cycle is factored in is often negligible (most pleated air filters only need to be changed every 90 days).

  • Here we see that even though the pleated air filter costs more than double the purchase price of the fiberglass air filter, the total cost of usage over one year is less, plus the user gets to enjoy the added benefits of additional protection provided by the pleated air filter.

    Disposable fiberglass air filters are simple filters made for home furnace filtration. These filters are formed from a layer of fiberglass bonded between two metal grids. The metal grids provide rigidity to the filter. The filter is encased in either a cardboard or chipboard frame.


    Supergrade Fiberglass

    Air Filter Media

    Koch Supergrade Fiberglass Air Filter Media is available in a wide range of pad and roll sizes. Because all air filtration systems are different, one standard media cannot meet every requirement. With three media depths to choose from it is possible to find the right media for any fiberglass application. Contact your Koch representative for recommendations on your system.


    Although 1", 2" and 4" Supergrade Fiberglass Air Filter Medias are designed for different applications, several qualities are common to all three styles:


    Progressive Density 

    All Koch fiberglass media consists of continuous filaments of high quality spun glass. These fibers are formed into a graded density blanket to provide maximum depth loading throughout the roll or pad.


    Special Adhesive

    Each individual fiber is coated with a specially designed adhesive gel. This adhesive enhances the media’s dust holding ability by creating a “wicking” action not provided by competitive medias.


    Color Coded Media

    All Koch Fiberglass Media is tinted on the downstream side for easy installation into frames or blanket systems. 

    1" and 2" Media– White, upstream; Blue, downstream

    4" Media– White, upstream; Yellow/Gold, downstream


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    24 x 25 x 1 MERV 6 Fiberglass Air Filter - 4 Pack

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    are often called “throw away” filters because they are less expensive and have a shorter life cycle than pleated air filters. Traditionally, manufacturers of these types of filters suggest that they be replaced every 30 days for maximum efficiency. The filters themselves are made up of spun glass, or fiberglass. For this reason, fiberglass air filters are most effective against larger particles such as dust, lint, and small insects.

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EZ-Flow Fiberglass Air Filters are designed for use with furnaces and central air conditioners. Each filter lasts up to one month, while filtering dust and pollen. These items are manufactured with a cardboard frame and a fiberglass filter. Their nested construction allows for efficient storage. They are UL Class II rated and an economical alternative while protecting your HVAC equipment.