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PC Products PC-Fast-N EZ Two-Part Multipurpose Epoxy Adhesive Paste, 14 ml in One Double Syringe, Translucent

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  • We’ve just turned on our fast parts in default mode, and we estimate that 80%-85% of our PC users (and about 90% of our Mac users) have the GPU capabilities to benefit from them. We’ll be releasing this to be accessible from all machines soon.

    In our test, we opted to blow up a structure made up of 9,000 parts. Before, doing so would slow ROBLOX down to about 4-5 frames per second. With our new fast parts, our frame rate jumped five times that amount, hovering between 20-25 frames per second while parts were in motion.

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    You’ve fired a rocket at the building. Chaos. Blocks everywhere. The blocks have now turned into fast parts, and each one is grouped in a batch. Without Vertex Shading, we would have to instruct each batch which way to fall in uniform (which would be totally unrealistic behavior). With vertex shading, we can take each block within any given batch and tell it to behave differently. That way, every crumbling block has its own behavior. We can tell each block within a batch to fall at a different angle, at a different speed, creating a much more realistic depiction of a collapsing building.

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