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I drive a Mazda 3, is it possibe to have a remote car starter kit installed by the manufacturer?

Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter with Built in Compressor

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  • One indication that your starter is the problem is if you hear a click after turning the key. Commonly this sound has to do with your solenoid, but there are a number of factors that could be preventing your car from starting. If your dashboard lights won’t turn on or seem dim, try getting a jump start and heading into our shop. If the lights come on as normal, you’ll probably need a tow.

    Remote Car Starters Rochester, NY (also known as Valet Starts & Valet Engine Starters) are widely available, but Tim’s Trim Inc. only offers the quality remote car starters in Rochester, NY. Installation is even more important, because we don’t take the short cuts that others do which can affect safety and the value of your car, truck or van.

  • Our remote car starters prices include all parts & labor. We solder all connections and meet all SAE standards. Our bypass security modules are the most current technology available and interface with your vehicle. Losing a key is a thing of the past. When we are done with your vehicle, everything will work the same as it came in. We do not cut anything out of your vehicle. At Tim’s Trim Inc., premium quality and workmanship really do set us apart. Check out some of our remote car starters.

    Tim’s Trim Inc provides professional installation of remote car starters in Rochester NY. We never cut any corners when working on our customers vehicles. Find out why quality and service set us apart. Call us today or request a quote here:

    Remote Start

    A remote car starter is the preeminent way to sustain luxury in your vehicle no matter what the season. At Sonic Electronix we sell remote car starters, which allow you to start your vehicle's engine by touching a button on your keychain remote. If you have the heater or air conditioning running before you turn off the car, the next time you use the remote start it will automatically heat or cool your vehicle based on your previous climate settings. Many of our car starters are equipped with keyless entry to give you most convenience possible. Some remote car starters also feature car alarms to guard against theft. Besides being a safety feature, these remote engine starters are helpful for those who are on the go.

    We offer many different manufacturer and products to remote start your vehicle that are sure to keep your car safe and keep you away from any delays. At Sonic Electronix we also offer professional installation and assistance for purchasers within the area looking for reliable and trustworthy service.

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    Click here to find the correct Omega bypass module for your vehicle.

  • Start your Car by Remote!

    Easily start your car by remote with a remote car starter. Safe, practical and easy to install, remote starter kits add a bit of convenience to our ever so hectic lives. Once you own a remote starter, it will become a necessity in every vehicle you ever own!

    Cold winter? A press of a button will start your vehicle, warm your engine and passenger compartment all while defrosting your windows! You get in, turn the key, and drive away! Its that easy!

    Hot outside? No problem, cool your vehicle off easily before you get in! Start the car by remote to enjoy a climate controlled interior when you are ready to leave!

    Get the right system with ease. We have several models to choose from, including brands like Python, Crimestopper, Prestige and Scytek Some units come with alarm systems and security features. Most units come with remote keyless entry. We even carry systems with 2 way paging support, notifying you on the remote control when the vehicle has started. This is helpful if the vehicle is out of your line of sight. If you need some help choosing a system, check out our Vehicle Application Guide.

    Range varies by system, but is advertised on the product listing. We have units with ranges from 1000 Ft. to 1 Mile! Imagine that, starting your car, and getting a report on your remote control, from over a miler away! Range varies by location, but is always close (if not over) its advertised estimation.

    Almost all remote car starter key fobs come apart with one screw and then snap apart. Inside the key fob is the battery. The most common batteries are 23A (like a miniature AAA battery) or a CR2032 (like a watch battery). We carry most batteries in stock and will change it for you. You just pay for the cost of the battery.

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I’ve read your article and was relieved to find that adding an after market part such as a remote car starter will not void a new vehicle’s warranty…. Could you please advise if this is true for the Canadian market as well?