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80.2 x 26.2 x 14.8 cm: Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required

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  • Rubbish! I bought Bosch ART26 ACCUTRIM Cordless Battery Strimmer for £97 one from B & Q, after having been told by the sales person it took 50 mins to charge the battery, to find that each charge (not just the first charge) takes 3-4 hours. The strimmer did not strim anywhere near the 1000metres advertised on the box either. I washed it down, took it back to B & Q the next day and argued that it was not the product as descirbed and got a refund. Am getting a black and decker…

    This Bosch ART26 ACCUTRIM Cordless Battery strimmer has been extremely disappointing. When you use it around the end of the lawn and touch anything other than grass, the plastic blade flies off. These blades wear at an amazinging rate and it is necessary to carry a pocketful when using the device. The battery will last for one short session of use before giving up.
    Not a strimmer you would ever recommend

  • The Bosch ART26 ACCUTRIM Cordless Battery Strimmer is a brilliant strimmer. Much more effective than the string trimmers and 10 times better than the terrible Homelite petrol trimmer it was bough to replace. The Lithium Ion battery on the new version lasts forever but IT IS NOT A BRUSH CUTTER! Some people seem to think that all strimmers should be able to cut through dense brush and brambles. They are for cutting grass and light weeds and, for this task the Art26Li is an excellent choice…

    Bosch ART26 ACCUTRIM Cordless Battery Strimmer - is useless - the blades break very quickly and each strimming of the garden can cost me up to £1.50 in blades alone! Battery has died after about one year - and judging by the comments on this site I will not be buying another one, nor buying another Bosch strimmer!…

    There are 6 BOSCH ART 26 ACCUTRIM Replacement batteries for cordless tool below. Click the image for more details. Then Add to cart to order the one you selected. We will dispatch the Royal Mail within 24 hours, Monday - Friday.
    Image Type Color Volt Capacity Price
    Ni-Cad Black 18V 1200mAh UK £36.99
    Ni-Cad Black 18V 1500mAh UK £38.99
    Ni-Cad Grey 18V 2000mAh UK £39.99
    Ni-MH Grey 18V 2200mAh UK £40.75
    Ni-MH Red 18V 2600mAh UK £41.25
    Ni-MH Red 18V 3000mAh UK £42.02

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