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  • In the case of the Mercedes S400, which uses cylindrical cells, Behr developed cooled “pins” that cradle the cells to maintain the proper temperature.

    Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Behr GmbH & Co. KG (Behr Group) is a globally present original equipment manufacturer of air conditioning and engine cooling systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Behr maintains 30 production plants and ten development centers all around the world. Roughly 60 percent of the group's sales are generated outside of Germany. Engine cooling is Behr's most important activity in terms of sales. According to the company, roughly every fourth vehicle manufactured in Europe is equipped with a Behr cooling system. About half of the group's revenues stem from the air conditioning division. Behr's industry division supplies cooling and air conditioning systems for buses, trains, ships, airplanes, and special vehicles as well as for machinery used in construction, agriculture, and industry. It also manufactures fuel tanks, body sections, and wheels for motorcycles. The company is majority-owned by heirs of the company founder Julius Fr. Behr.

  • Since it is in the body shop now!!! First, look up into your factory Behr with a light for stray debris and paint masking paper/tape sucked into the motor on the way into the paint booth/during body repairs. After my repaint, I dropped my oil temp 20 degrees F by cleaning the stock Behr cooler with compressed air, simple green and water. Yes I saw paper blown/washed out onto the ground and I repeated the cleaning process a few times. If the air cannot pass through the cooler the oil is not getting cooled. Look for the simple low $ repairs first; simple repairs are not as much fun as tearing the car apart but a lot more practical.

    Originally Posted by matt gineo
    I'm ready to buy a used front fog light, real tail light lens and used Behr engine oil cooler (all 3 for $300) from an honest, reliable vendor who I have dealt with in the past. My questions are.

    1. Are the Behr OEM engine oil coolers a good choice, do they do a good job of cooling?
    Are they better than the Trombone coolers, can you add the Behr cooler in addition to the trombone cooler?

    2. What issues might I have with purchasing a used oil cooler, Can it be cleaned and can it be repaired if it leaks and what is the approximate cost to refurb?

    3. Any recommendations for oil cooler repair shops?

    I just bought a 76 Targa 2.7, I keep hearing all the 2.7 horror stories and I want to do whatever I can to keep it cool! Thanks for your help

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