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I bought a car though Auto Financing Quebec right after my bankruptcy

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  • I had bad credit and my car broke down. I couldn't get to work and had no chance to pay off my bills without a car. Auto Financing Quebec got me approved and helped me fix my credit.

    I was declined for a car loan at a dealership. Auto Financing Quebec got me approved and helped me pickup my new car, and it was the car that I actually wanted!

  • I bought a car though Auto Financing Quebec right after my bankruptcy. I paid it off and improved my credit with the help of their consultants. I now have great credit and I'm buying a new house!

    Retail business people have different needs of an individual that are not in business. auto insurance quebec You can also deal with a situation where you are required to pay an increased premium for the goal.

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    Auto insurance quebec It is quite relevant to mention here that the insurance offered by the health plan companies prove to be a bit on the expensive side. It may be possible that the total sum insured of both policies is collectively lakes RS10 and the treatment you costs Rs 12 lakes.

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Everyone knows that a ticket conviction could increase the cost of your auto insurance. But did you know that the same ticket-if there's demerit points associated with it-could increase the cost of your driver's licence at renewal? It's true. In Quebec, the number of demerit points on your licence will determine the cost of your licence renewal. The more demerits you have, the more your licence will cost to renew. To see how demerits affect the cost of obtaining a licence, the Societé de l'assurance automobile Quebec (SAAQ) website provides all of that information.