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Philips D3S Standard Xenon HID Headlight Bulb, 1 Pack

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  • TAG : OEM Audi HID Ballast W003T18471 8K0 941 597 [MTSB-OEM-BLST] - $89.99
  • Parts for Audi Buy Audi HID Xenon Bulbs for your Audi. Your Audi can really be improved with aftermarket or custom HID Xenon Bulbs. | | | | |

    Aftermarket HID Lights for Audi such as HID kits are designed with the consumer in mind. They are designed in a way to assist the human eye in night time visibility. The Xenon bulb that is used in xenon Kit illuminate the night in a way to mimic the light of the sun, which is easier on the human eye. The xenon bulb also covers almost 70% of the road when night driving, with its longer and wider range. For Audi xenon Kit are the best upgrade on the market when it comes to night lighting. If you are not satisfied with the amount of light emitting from your headlights, and if sometimes it seems like you have to double check your light switch because your not sure if your light is on then its time for you to purchase one of these Kit. For Audi HID Kit are found on the market easily these days you can choose from different bulb sizing to fit your headlights, low beam or high beam, and also your fog lights. There are also many different color temperatures, which allow you to choose anything from a yellow color all the way up to a violet.

  • If you have a problem with your Audi HID lights and you have tested power to the headlight igniter (also called an HID ballast), the problem could be either the bulb or the igniter/ballast. The parts from Audi cost a fortune. But Standard Motor parts now sells aftermarket ballasts. A ballast puts out very high voltage, so don’t try testing the old unit unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

    Noted for projector headlamp assemblies
    before projectors became the standard,
    Audi headlamps used D2S HID bulbs as far
    back as 1999. Audi uses 4300 daylight
    white bulbs for their older vehicles with HID
    Headlights but, newer vehicles are now
    using 5000K (white) bulbs. Our 5000K, or
    6000K D2S bulbs are ideal for replaceing
    burned out early model Audi HID headlight

    Audi HID Bulbs - Replacement Guide
    (Xenon-Plasma HID headlight bulbs for Audi Vehicles)

  • Buy your Audi Hid Light Kit today! Your Audi will look amazing with one of our premium hid conversion light kit installed. Increase the visibility of your Audi by %70. Our premium hid kit includes: 2 x AC bulbs, 2 x AC Slim Ballasts, all the necessary wires, mounting brackets and the installation guide. You will benefit of free shipping and lifetime warranty with your Audi xenon hid kit purchase.

Audi TT HID Xenon + LED Side lights - Warm up - 6000k

This German car maker has been leading the way now for some time, spearheading trends along the way. If you've got an older Audi and want to improve the look, style and your safety at the same time you should upgrade to Audi HIDs. Audi HID headlights are simple to install and really bring a new feel to your older models. Our Audi HID kits are compatible with any model and are designed to utilize your factory headlight housing so the only thing that changes is coverage and color. The addition of Audi xenon bulbs will not only serve up dramatically improved road coverage, but will last up to ten times longer than conventional Audi OEM bulbs. Do yourself a favor by getting yours today and modernize that German classic.