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Air-Care 20x20x1 Electrostatic Washable Permanent A/C Air Furnace Filter

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  • After reading the text just below, if you still cannot find your heating or air conditioning system air filter read our detailed instructions on how to find air filters in our article:. Just below we summarize some common locations where air filters are found.

    Homeowners can choose from different kinds of filtration systems. You can look at the capabilities of these air conditioning air filters to determine the best system for your needs. The mechanical air filter is normally for home use. It utilizes artificial strands or threadlike materials to siphon miniscule particles such as dust to prevent these from getting mixed with air and circulating inside the house. There are also charcoal filters that make use of mechanical methods to eliminate fragments in the air. The disposable traditional air filter has thickness of one and two inches respectively. This is the cheapest mechanical model but the bonding agent which makes up the covering and net can easily be spoiled by cleaning.

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