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Dorman 742-848 Acura/Honda Front Driver Side Window Lift Motor

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  • Our Acura rebuild engine comes with an exclusive 7-year or 100,000 mile warranty. Power your Acura automobile with a high performance remanufactured engine (same or better than Acura crate engine). Buy your Acura motor here and save at least 50% off the Acura dealer price!

    Motor oil is your engine’s lifeblood. It lubricates your engine and protects moving parts to keep things running right. With the variety of grades and viscosities available, choosing the right motor oil may seem confusing. Acura Genuine Motor Oils are blended and tested to meet strict Acura requirements, and are available in a variety of grades and viscosities, each formulated specifically for use in Acura engines. You see, Acura engines are designed to work best with lower-viscosity motor oils, and oil not specified for them can diminish engine performance. So how do you pick the right motor oil with so many brands and types to choose from? Easy. Just look for the only motor oil with the Acura name.

  • Over time, fluids lose essential protective properties, and waiting too long between changes can lead to mechanical damage and costly repairs. Acura Genuine Motor Oil, Antifreeze/Coolant, Brake Fluid, Automatic Transmission Fluid and Power Steering Fluid are specially formulated to protect your Acura’s mechanical components from harmful deposits, rust, corrosion and oxidation. Please check the maintenance schedules in your owner’s manual for recommended fluid change intervals.

    Commitment to your new Acura from Motorcars Acura continues after you drive it out of our showroom for the first time. We want to make sure you get the most out of your vehicle and enjoy it for many years to come. You can find that support in the form of for your vehicle needs. And, if we don't have them, we'll order them for you. There's also from our team of maintenance specialists who will have your vehicle primed to perform at all times with routine repairs, checkups, and more.

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