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Car and Driver magazine's David E. Davis Jr. showed enthusiasm for the 1965 Corvair in their October 1964 issue:

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  • Let me first say I wouldn't call the pre 1965 Corvairs ugly. They were very unique looking automobiles. Just think of how cutting edge the 1960 Corvair was being introduced in 1959!

    At first blush, the notion of throwing a small V8 into the back of a Chevy Corvair reads a little like splashing a plate of habanero poppers with a liberal dose of Ghost Pepper oil. Both recipes can only end in an amusing combination of tears and fire. Fortunately, Chuck Rust fears neither. Mike Musto of recently stopped by Rust's garage to take a look at his most evil creation: a 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa powered by a 283-cubic-inch V8.

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    Nothing GM did that standout year approached the 1965 Corvair for chic simplicity. Among American cars, only Bob Bourke’s brilliant 1953 Studebaker Starliner hardtop comes close to matching the compact ‘s irresistible sophistication and refinement of design, a beautifully cohesive look that’s (mostly) only possible if designed by a single hand. The 1965 Corvair was Ron Hill’s masterpiece.

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    I have always liked cars that are different be it Citroen’s (own 3), diesel cars (one Citroen CX, 3 Mercedes, 5 VWs, but have never owned a Tatra or Corvair but have admired them. I noted the ’65 Corvair 500 had a manual transmission. I think by 1965 all Corvair manual transmissions were 4 speeds. Is this correct or did the “plain Jane” still have a 3 speed?

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Given its strong sporting emphasis, it’s no surprise the 1965 Corvair range lacks the wagon and van of the original. The convertible and two-door hardtop coupe share the same sleek lower body, the coupe getting lovely thin C-pillars, while the four-door hardtop sedan wore a more formal and wider C-pillar and longer roofline to improve headroom. The flat-six ran 95, 110, and 140 horsepower, with four single-barrel carburetors, the range topped by the 180-horse turbocharged Monza. Not enough to combat the V-8 Mustang. In April 1965, a formal GM edict killed any chance of long-term success. It blandly stated: “No more development work. Do only enough to meet federal requirements.”